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Aerial Mapping & Inspections

Aerial mapping and surveying with Small Unmanned Aircraft Sytems (sUAS) can help a company gauge their assets quickly and efficiently, saving time and money, while offering a better perspective than ground surveys. sUAS also provide increased safety protection for personnel by keeping personnel from direct exposure to high voltage lines and also allows personnel to stay safely planted on the ground. 

ePower employs sUAS 4K Photography, 4K video, land survey with mapping and GPS, thermal imaging inspections and preventative maintenance inspection services.  3D mapping and models are also available. By acquiring aerial media safely through certified FAA guidelines, we enable our clients to build a precise database of their assets for accurate maintenance and forecasting.

Aerial inspection can be utilized for;

  • Distribution System Preventative Maintenance Inspections
  • Transmission System Preventative Maintenance Inspections
  • Windmill Inspections
  • Pipelines and ROW Inspection
  • Pond inspections
  • Civil Volumetric models
  • Substation thermals
  • Radio and Communication towers
  • SWD and TB Facilities

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