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Mapping, Modeling & Load Studies

ePower offers a wide range of oil field electrical system modeling to completely analyze any present or future production demands.  We can produce models from practically any available system data, as well as offering complete, survey grade, system mapping services.

ePower will work with your personnel to identify the needs of your operation.  We can work from an agreed  list of deliverables, or start from a real-world problem towards a real-world solution.  Field surveys can be conducted with ground crews or advanced aerial systems, and can be as detailed and comprehensive as the needs of the client and the project require.

Available studies include:

  • Load flow and voltage drop
  • Loss economics and mitigation
  • Available fault current
  • Fault flow
  • Harmonic distortion- sources and flow
  • Motor start and available starting kVA
  • Contingency and “what if” analysis
  • Optimization studies including substation siting
  • System Protection and Coordination Studies
  • Power Factor Correction Studies
  • Arc Flash Studies
  • GIS Mapping

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